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Proceedings of the 17th International World Wide Web Conference
April 21-25, 2008
Beijing, China

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Session: Browsers and UI

Session Chair: Xing Xie (Microsoft Research Asia)

Session: Data Mining – Log Analysis

Session Chair: Masaru Kitsuregawa (University of Tokyo)

Session: Data Mining – Learning

Session Chair: Alex Ntoulas (Microsoft Research)

Session: Data Mining – Modeling

Session Chair: Kunal Punera (Yahoo! Research)

Session: Data Mining – Algorithms

Session Chair: Ravi Kumar (Yahoo! Research)

Session: Internet Monetization – Online Advertising

Session Chair: Ying Li (Microsoft AdCenter)

Session: Internet Monetization – Recommendation and Security

Session Chair: Nicole Immorlica (Northwestern University)

Session: Internet Monetization – Sponsored Search

Session Chair: Amin Saberi (Stanford University)

Session: Mobility

Session Chair: Wang-Chien Lee (Pennsylvania State University)

Session: Performance and Scalability

Session Chair: Anirban Mahanti (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi)

Session: Rich Media

Session Chair: Edward Chang (Google)

Session: Search – Query Analysis

Session Chair: Nick Craswell (Microsoft Research)

Session: Search – Corpus Characterization & Search Performance

Session Chair: Hongyuan Zha (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Session: Search – Ranking and Retrieval Enhancement

Session Chair: Ricardo Baeza-Yate (Yahoo!)

Session: Search – Crawlers

Session Chair: Hang Li (Microsoft Research Asia)

Session: Search – Applications

Session Chair: Ronny Lempel (Yahoo! Research)

Session: Security I – Misc

Session Chair: Collin Jackson (Stanford University)

Session: Security II – Web Client Security

Session Chair: Mary Ellen Zurko (IBM)

Session: Semantic Web I

Session Chair: R V Guha (Google)

Session: Semantic Web II

Session Chair: Juanzi Li (Tsinghua University)

Session: Semantic Web III

Session Chair: Riichiro Mizoguchi (Osaka University)

Session: Social Networks – Analysis of Social Networks & Online Interactive Spaces

Session Chair: Yutaka Matsuo (University of Tokyo)

Session: Social Networks – Discovery & Evolution of Communities

Session Chair: Matthew Hurst (Microsoft)

Session: Social Networks – Applications and Infrastructures for Web 2.0

Session Chair: Lada Adamic (University of Michigan)

Session: Web Engineering – Applications

Session Chair: Daniel Schwabe (Catholic University)

Session: Web Engineering – Web Service Composition

Session Chair: Martin Gaedke (Chemnitz University of Technology)

Session: Web Engineering – Web Service Deployment

Session Chair: Geert-Jan Hoube (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)

Session: XML I

Session Chair: Andrea Pugliese (University of Calabria)

Session: XML II

Session Chair: Geert-Jan Bex (Hasselt University/Transnational University of Limburg, Belgium)

Session: Industrial Track Session

Session Chair: Jayavel Shanmugasundaram (Yahoo! Research)

Session: Technology for Developing Regions

Session Chair: Lakshminarayanan Subramanian (New York University)

Session: WWW in China – Mining the Chinese Web

Session Chair: Zaiqing Nie (Microsoft Research Asia)

Session: WWW in China – Chinese Web Innovations

Session Chair: Qing Li (City University of Hong Kong)

Poster Session

Panel Sessions


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