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Protecting the Web: Phishing, Malware, and Other Security Threats


Web site operators, Internet users, and online service providers are besieged by a growing array of abuses and threats. Spam leads users to online scams and phishing Web pages, which cyber-criminals use to steal users' financial data and passwords. Other criminals use Web sites to spread malware, which can steal personal data or take over users' computers into a botnet, which can be used to send spam or mount cyber-attacks against Web sites and other Internet services. Together, these abuses undermine user trust, hamper e-commerce, and cost the Internet community huge losses in money, service and support costs, and time. What should Web site operators and online service providers do to protect themselves and their users? What are Internet companies, organizations, and law enforcement doing (and not doing) to combat these problems? And how can the international Internet community work together on these problems? The panel brings together representatives from the chain of organizations that respond to Internet abuse problems, and promises a lively, compelling, and relevant discussion.

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