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The Future of Online Social Interactions: What to Expect in 2020


Blogs, wikis, tagging, podcasts, and social networking websites such as MySpace, Facebook, Flickr and YouTube have radically changed user interactions on the World Wide Web from a static, one-way, consumption model to a dynamic, multi-way, participation model. Broad user power and flexibility have changed how people engage in and experience their interconnections, interests, and collaborations. Online social interactions will evolve in the next decade to address the growing needs of its user community and make entries into many aspects of our lives. This evolution may very well be among the most exciting ones of our times where the individual and collective power of people to contribute and share content, experiences, ideas, expertise etc. may be even more enhanced than it is today. The enhancement may be shaped through a better understanding of user needs and behavior and it may be enabled through the seamless convergence of multi-modal technologies, new applications, new domains, data mining and better navigational and search capabilities. Some of these changes will also permeate into the workplace and change the way we work. This panel will discuss how online social interactions may evolve in the next decade and what impact it may have on diverse dimensions in our world.

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