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TA1 - User Experience

Time: Monday, April 21 (half-day, morning 8:30am to 12:00noon)
Location: Room 305A (Level 3)


Although usability and usefulness are still primary concepts for UCD (User Centered Design), researchers and designers are attempting to move beyond. The new trend appears as user experience as an overall indicator of Web site success. This tutorial introduces methods, which help identify users’ potential, and unarticulated needs to drive new design concepts. Examples are provided to illustrate how these methods should be applied to guide new product concept designs. Participants are walked through cases to get hands-on experience to practice skills learned in the tutorial.

This information is intended for those that are not familiar with the user needs analysis methods or have a need to learn skills on how to identify users' potential and unarticulated needs for new product concept rather than usability evaluation.


Chen Zhao, IBM China Research Lab, Beijing (China)

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