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TF3 - An Introduction to Web Mining

Time: Monday, April 21 (full-day, 8:30am to 5:00pm)
Location: Room 201A (Level 2)


The Web continues to grow and evolve very fast, changing our daily lives. This activity represents the collaborative work of the millions of institutions and people that contribute content to the Web as well as the one billion people that use it. In this ocean of hyperlinked data there is explicit and implicit information and knowledge. Web Mining is the task of analyzing this data and extracting information and knowledge for many different purposes. The data comes in three main flavors: content (text, images, etc.), structure (hyperlinks) and usage (navigation, queries, etc.), implying different techniques such as text, graph or sequence mining. Each case reflects the wisdom of some group of people that can be used to make the Web better. For example, user generated tags in Web 2.0 sites. In this talk we walk through the mining process and show several applications, ranging from Web site design to search engines.


Ricardo Baeza-Yates and Aristides Gionis, Yahoo! Research Barcelona (Spain)

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