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TP1 - Adaptive systems for E-learning

Time: Monday, April 21 (half-day, afternoon, 1:30pm to 5:00pm)
Location: Room 305A (Level 3)


E-Learning is currently a hot research and development area. A challenging research goal is the development of adaptive E-learning applications. The goal of the tutorial is to provide a brief review of the work performed so far in his area and some important information for those who want to implement own systems. The review is centered on different adaptive technologies that are essentially different ways to add adaptive functionality to an educational system. In the tutorial I will analyze what kind of technologies are available right now, provide a number of practical examples, and discuss how the reviewed technologies can be implemented on the Web. I will also discuss what is the place of these technologies in large-scale Web-based education, i.e., what and how can work in large-scale E-Learning classrooms today.


Peter Brusilovsky, University of Pittsburgh (USA)

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