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TP2 - RDFa: Extensible Structured Data in HTML

Time: Monday, April 21 (half-day, afternoon, 1:30pm to 5:00pm)
Location: Room 301 (Level 3)


The "web of data" is upon us, yet it is not always clear how the presentational and data webs will interact. Will they be two separate entities, with occasional links? Will web publishers have to publish two versions of their data, one for humans and one for machines? Will web users browse the web with two different tools, depending on whether they need to process the underlying data? Hopefully, all three questions can be answered with a resounding "no."

RDFa is the W3C's proposal to bridge the clickable and data webs: using a handful of additional attributes, existing HTML can be "marked up" with data field names and relationships. This tutorial will begin with simple RDFa markup similar to microformats. Then, attendees will learn more advanced concepts, where publishers can extend existing data vocabularies and create their own. Finally, attendees will get hands-on experience with a sample of existing RDFa user and developer tools.


Ben Adida, Harvard University Medical School (USA);
Ivan Herman, W3C (USA);
Elias Torres, IBM Cambridge (USA)

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