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WWW2008 Workshops (April 22, 2008)

WWW2008 workshops are intended to advance knowledge, research, development, and professional practice in new and emerging fields of Web activity, providing a more focused, in-depth, and interactive environment than is possible in a traditional conference session.

The goal for a workshop is to bring designers, developers, information architects, practitioners and researchers together to exchange ideas and experiences, establishing common ground in research areas or practical problems and resulting in new contacts, new opportunities for collaboration and new directions for future activity.

Location Title Organizers
Full Day
Room 201B (Level 2) WS1 - Web Science Workshop (WSW2008) Wendy Hall, Nigel Shadbolt, Tim Berners-Lee, Daniel Weitzner, and James Hendler
Room 302 (Level 3) WS2 - Location and the Web (LocWeb) 2008 Susanne Boll, Christopher Jones, Eric Kansa, Puneet Kishor, Mor Naaman, Ross Purves, Arno Scharl and Erik Wilde
Room 303 (Level 3) WS3 - International Workshop on Context Enabled Source and Service Selection, Integration and Adaptation (CSSSIA 2008) Ullas Nambiar and Michael Sheng
Room 201A (Level 2) WS4 - Linked Data on the Web (LDW2008) Tim Berners-Lee, Christian Bizer, Tom Heath, and Kingsley Idehen
Room 301 (Level 3) WS5 - Fourth International Workshop on Adversarial Information Retrieval on the Web (AIRWeb 2008) Dennis Fetterly, Carlos Castillo and Kumar Chellapilla
Room 201C (Level 2) WS6 - Targeting and Ranking for Online Advertising Ewa Dominowska and Vanja Josifovski
Room 311A (Level 3) WS7 - MobEA VI: Personal Rich Social Media Rittwik Jana, Daniel Appelquist, Galit Zadok, and Bin Wei
Room 305A (Level 3) WS8 - Semantic Web for Health Care and Life Sciences Huajun Chen, Kei Cheung, Michel Dumontier, Eric Prud’hommeaux, Alan Ruttenberg, Susie Stephens and Yimin Wang
Half Day
WS9 - Workshops on Language-centric Web Applications
Room 311B (Level 3) WS9A - International Workshop on Question Answering on the Web (QAWeb2008) Wenyin Liu, Qing Li and Xuedong Huang
Room 311B (Level 3) WS9P - NLP Challenges in the Information Explosion Era (NLPIX 2008) Hiroshi Nakagawa, Masaru Kitsuregawa and Kentaro Torisawa
WS10 - Workshops on the Social Web (SW2008)
Hall 2C (Level 2) WS10A - Workshop on Social Web and Knowledge Management (SWKM2008) Peter Dolog, Sebastian Schaffert, Markus Krotzsch, and Denny Vrandecic
Hall 2C (Level 2) WS10P - Workshop on Social Web Search and Mining (SWSM2008) Juanzi Li, Gui-Rong Xue, Michael R. Lyu, Jie Tang, and Zheng Chen

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